Haptic and Hue’s New Booklist

Looking for a present for a maker, or just a good read about textiles and cloth? Here’s Haptic and Hue’s brand new reading list full of interesting books to explore.

It’s the result of a collaboration with Elementum Journal and Bookshop. Jay of Elementum and Jo of Haptic and Hue both live in the same small town in Dorset, in the UK’s West Country, and share a love of textiles and good stories. Jay runs the Elementum Bookshop and is just opening the doors again after a difficult COVID year of lockdown. Buy from this list and you support her and independent booksellers everywhere. If anyone outside the UK wants a book from this list then Jay recommends contacting her at jay@elementumjournal.com for details of postage. We will update this regularly and the books that I refer to in each episode will be here too. If you think there is anything missing that just HAS to be here then drop me, Jo, a line at jo.andrews@hapticandhue.comĀ