Haptic & Hue


Haptic and Hue explores how cloth speaks to us and the impact it has on our lives. It looks at how fabric traditions have grown up and the innovations that underpin its creation. It thinks about the skills that go into its production and the economic and environmental impact of its production.


Haptic & Hue uncovers how the desire for fabrics, dyes and yarn have developed deep human skills, changed cultures, shaped languages, and built and destroyed empires. It looks at how textiles cast a different light on the story of humanity, drawing on history, human ingenuity, trade and culture.


Haptic and Hue’s second series of the Tales of Textiles is now in production. Eight podcasts are planned to start in late February. This time Jo hopes to explore the hands and skills that help us believe in a screen or stage performance, what’s under us when we sit on trains or buses, the life of a man who was Mr Scotland 1953 and went on to bring modern art into tapestry weaving, and the odd story of Africa’s joyful Ankara cloth, which isn’t quite what it seems.


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Haptic and Hue’s first series of podcasts was launched in September 2020 and has just come to an end. Find out who was the first Black fabric designer of international standing, look at the women of the 1950s who created a textile revolution. Other episodes feature a maker who has spent 50 years earning her living as a handweaver and a trip to Paris to talk to the woman who has the world’s largest collection of fancy yarns.



Haptic, definition: communicating through touch.

Hue, definition: a colour and its shades.